Analysis: More pressure on global wages could backfire

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Feds cap fines for not buying health insuranceComments Off

Federal officials have capped the amount of money scofflaws will be forced to pay if they don’t buy insurance this year under the new health care law.

House votes to simplify education tax breaksComments Off

The House has passed a bill to simplify a complicated patchwork of tax breaks for higher education.

Officials require more supports beneath oil pipesComments Off

Two oil pipelines at the bottom the waterway linking Lakes Huron and Michigan will get additional support structures to help prevent potentially devastating spills, officials said Thursday.

Vermont revenue forecast down; Shumlin wants cutsComments Off

Recovery from the Great Recession almost seven years ago is still slogging through Vermont, with lower-than-expected state revenues forecast Thursday that prompted Gov. Peter Shumlin to call for budget cuts.

How the Dow Jones industrial average did ThursdayComments Off

Major U.S. stock indexes ended roughly where they began Thursday, despite investors having to work through a busy day of corporate earnings and two economic reports.

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