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Trial for Minnesota teen accused of killing grandma set WILLMAR, Minn. - A jury trial for a Willmar teenager charged with first-degree murder in his grandmother's killing was scheduled Wednesday for July 21 to Aug. 8.

Fargo close to solving pub license headache FARGO - City officials here edged closer to solving a vexing problem started last summer, when they approved a new south Fargo Irish pub without requiring it to have its own liquor license.

At Smith trial, teens’ relatives shield eyes during testimony on gunshot wounds LITTLE FALLS, Minn. - Family members of Nick Brady and Haile Kifer covered their faces and wiped away tears as Ramsey County Medical Examiner Kelly Mills testified in a Morrison County courtroom Thursday.

Costa Rican ‘miracle’ woman was key to John Paul’s sainthood VATICAN CITY - Floribeth Mora Diaz does not care if people think she is crazy. She is convinced - and so is the Vatican - that she owes her life to a miracle cure because she prayed to the late Pope John Paul.

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