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Sen. Reid reportedly calls supporters of Nevada rancher Bundy ‘domestic terrorists’

The Las Vegas Journal-Review reported Thursday that Reid, D-Nev., made the comments at an event hosted by the paper called “Hashtags & Headlines.”

Fox News Poll: Voters say Obama covering up on Benghazi, want Congress to keep investigating

Most voters think the White House is trying to cover-up what happened in Benghazi and want Congress to continue to investigate the administration’s handling of the attack on the U.S. consulate there that killed four Americans. 

Fox News Poll: 49 percent think White House had IRS target conservatives

Nearly half of American voters think the IRS targeted conservative groups at the request of the White House, and most want Congress to keep investigating the matter.

Government: Case against a Blackwater guard in jeopardy

The government says its criminal case against a former Blackwater security guard is in jeopardy as a June 11 trial looms on charges stemming from the shootings of dozens of Iraqi citizens in an incident in Baghdad nearly seven years ago. Nicholas Slatten and three other former Blackwater guards are charged in the Sept. 16, 2007, killings of 14 Iraqi citizens and the wounding of 18 others.

Chelsea Clinton announces pregnancy

The 34-year-old vice chairman of her family's foundation made the announcement at the end of an event on empowering young women.

Obama sends condolences on South Korean ferry disaster

President Obama is sending condolences to victims of a South Korean ferry disaster and says he will pay tribute during a visit to the country next week.

Obama says Ukraine deal a ‘glimmer of hope,’ but won’t ‘count on’ Russian cooperation

President Obama said Thursday that a newly struck diplomatic agreement on Ukraine offers the "prospect" to "de-escalate" the crisis, but warned that the U.S. is preparing "additional consequences" if the Russians don't hold up their end of the bargain.

Raising specter of genocide, US Ambassador Power slams ‘industrial-style slaughter’ in Syria

America’s ambassador to the United Nations raised the specter of genocide in Syria after officials this week sounded the alarm about spiraling violence in that country’s civil war. Gruesome photos of purported civil war victims were shown earlier this week to the U.N. Security Council, depicting corpses with bones protruding and eyes gouged out. 

Budget office: Wage boost would cost firms $15B

A Senate Democratic bill gradually increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10 hourly would require private businesses to spend $15 billion more in salaries when it takes full effect in 2017, the Congressional Budget Office estimated Thursday.

Kerry reacts to report that Jews in Ukrainian city told to register

Secretary of State John Kerry reacted to a report Thursday that Jews in one restive Ukrainian city were sent notices telling them to register, a development he called "grotesque."

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