Fargo library to host Hobbit-themed event

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Letter: Considering the record, ‘demon’ fits Kochs wellComments Off

Kathleen Parker (The Forum, April 10) wants you to believe that the Koch brothers are not demons but simply good American citizens who are advocating free-market principles. She is right when she says that “the vast majority of Americans probably have…

Neighbors: Remembering more major ND starsComments Off

Neighbors, in recently listing people from the Fargo-Moorhead region who made it big in the world of entertainment over the years, missed some major stars. “You can’t forget Angie Dickinson, from Kulm, N.D.,” wrote John Donahue, Fargo. But yes we did,…

Letter: What did they know, and when did they know it?Comments Off

When the first quart of freshly fracked Bakken crude was drawn from the Earth a few years back, a white-coated chemist swished the sample around the beaker, took a sniff, and said to his associate, “I’d put your cigarette out, if I were you.”

Valley City crews search Sheyenne River for missing boaterComments Off

VALLEY CITY – Firefighters are searching the Sheyenne River for a man who was riding in a rubber raft when it capsized early this morning.

Flying snow: Famous owl set free after rehab in Minn.Comments Off

SUPERIOR, Wis. – With a flurry of powerful wings and not even a glance back, what may be the most famous owl in America flew over a nondescript copse of trees here and out of sight.

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