Pope shows lifetime jobs aren’t always for life

The world seems surprised that an 85-year-old globe-trotting pope who just started tweeting wants to resign, but should it be? Maybe what should be surprising is that more leaders his age do not, considering the toll aging takes on bodies and minds amid a culture of constant communication and change.

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The Current: What you need to know about CSA’sComments Off

Join The Forum’s Emily Welker and her rotating roundtable of guests as they talk about the topics making headlines in the world of news, entertainment and more.

ND has lowest ‘food insecurity’ rate in nation; Minnesota secondComments Off

FARGO – North Dakota is keeping its low-income residents better fed than other states, according to a national hunger relief charity.

Minnesota dive team helps fix water issue in LarimoreComments Off

LARIMORE, N.D. – A conveniently located dive team was able to fix a problem at the water treatment plant in Larimore, but the town’s 1,300 or so residents will still have to conserve water for another day, a city official said Thursday.

Grand Rapids juvenile facility officer accused of sexually assaulting teenComments Off

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – A correctional officer at a Grand Rapids juvenile facility is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old female resident.

New pump stations planned for Minnesota pipelineComments Off

Minnesota Pipe Line Co. plans to build new pump stations in Minnesota along its newest pipeline, which is part of a system delivering crude oil to Minnesota refineries.

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