Lawmaker calls for probe of abuse at reform school

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TERRORIST DEAD? Pic prompts speculation Boko Haram leader killedComments Off

VIDEO: How far can we go to track homegrown terrorists?

‘EXCELLENT’ VENTURE? Keanu’s motorcycle company debuts first bikeComments Off

Mike Tyson comes to aid of injured motorcyclist in Vegas crashDrag racer crashes feet-first through windshield, strolls awayVIDEO: Bystanders save teens trapped in submerged SUV

WHITE HOUSE BREACH Prosecutor: Intruder had 2 run-ins with law in ’14Comments Off

VIDEO: Intruder had ammo in car Read the complaint Secret Service considering public White House checkpoints after breach

US begins airstrikes over SyriaComments Off

BREAKING NEWS: THE US AIR FORCE AND NAVY, joined by several Arab allies, launches an intense bombing campaign in Syria against multiple Islamic State targets — marking the United States’ first military intervention in Syria since the start of that country’s civil war.

  • VIDEOS: Bombing strikes begin over Syria | Which areas are being targeted? | Rep. King on airstrikes
  • VIDEO: US paying price for not arming Syrian rebels, leaving Iraq?
  • VIDEO: Plan to train, arm Syrian moderates — Mission impossible?
  • Syria blasts anti-militant coalition, says it includes nations that back terrorism
  • AWOL AFGHANS Pentagon says soldiers who visit, vanish not threatComments Off

    VIDEO: Afghan soldiers missing from Cape Cod military base

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