Minnesota soda shop told to remove candy cigarettes

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WHITE POWDER ARREST Feds say Texas man sent over 500 threatening lettersComments Off

Texas woman who sent ricin-laced letters to Obama, Bloomberg gets 18 years in prison

‘VERY SERIOUS MATTER’ US accuses Russia of violating ’87 missile treatyComments Off

US, EU agree to new Russia sanctionsViolence stops team sent to secure MH17 crash site

TODD STARNES Feds quietly dump illegal immigrants in TennesseeComments Off

TODD STARNES: Meet the skilled workers Obama doesn’t want in US Illegal immigrants protest outside White House with little fear US is not only recipient of Central American immigrants

FOX NEWS POLL Most say Obama should stay off 2014 campaign trailComments Off

FOX NEWS POLL: Hypothetical 2016 matchups Read the polls

Ukraine rebels suffer setbacks as US, EU prepare new Russia sanctionsComments Off

PRO-RUSSIA rebels in eastern Ukraine reportedly suffer their most serious battlefield losses in weeks as Western leaders ready new sanctions limiting transactions with Russia’s state banks, as well as arms and technology exports.US accuses Russia of vi…

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