New evidence prompts probe into WWII massacre

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CALIFORNIA LIGHTNING 1 dead, 13 injured by rare Los Angeles-area stormsComments Off

10 homes destroyed, hundreds evacuated in California wildfireAuthorities: Severe storms destroy at least 10 homes in eastern TennesseeVIDEO: Extreme weather grabs nation’s attention FOX NEWS EXTREME WEATHER CENTER

Israel, Hamas launch new attacks despite efforts to halt Gaza hostilitiesComments Off

THE FAILURE TO REACH even a brief humanitarian lull in the fighting illustrates the difficulties in securing a more permanent truce as the sides remain far apart on their terms.UN agrees on demand for cease-fire | Netanyahu vows Israel will do ‘whateve…

MH17 INVESTIGATION Ukraine mounts offensive to retake area of crash siteComments Off

US: Satellite images show Russia has fired rockets into UkraineVIDEO: Russia delivering rocket launchers to rebels, Pentagon says

‘COMPLETELY ODD’ Oregon mother vanishes during trip to do errandsComments Off

Questions remain in NH teen’s vanishing, returnPolice can’t rule out that Marine’s wife is ‘voluntarily missing’

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