Nurse allegedly offers patient $10G to kill woman

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NOT POLITICAL? Sen. Reid’s name yanked from alma mater buildingComments Off

Sen. McConnell’s campaign manager resignsLa. Dem Sen. Landrieu faces more questions about her residencyVIDEO: Kurtz: ‘Shocking’ McConnell tape just politics as usual, Kurtz says

JIHAD INFIGHTING Militants turn on each other to control global pushComments Off

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS looks to Mexican borderSaudi king warns of ISIS terror threat to Europe, USVIDEO: Why ISIS should worry US VIDEO:Obama must use military on ISIS, general says VIDEO: Scheuer on terror threat: We’re standing next to a bonfire with…

EU weighs new sanctions against Russia as Ukraine crisis deepensComments Off

UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT Petro Poroshenko, pictured, tells European Union leaders a strong response is needed to respond to Russia’s ‘aggression’ toward his country, with one leader saying Moscow is ‘practically in the war against Europe.’VIDEO: EU to hit R…

BREAKING NEWS NFL’s Michael Sam released by St. Louis RamsComments Off

VIDEO: ESPN apologizes for reports on Michael Sam’s shower habits

DEADLY CRASH Teen dies in Lamborghini test drive crashComments Off

Tracy Morgan still struggling after crashFLASHBACK VIDEO: 911 calls released in accident

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