Passenger on stranded Carnival cruise compares deck to shanty town

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OFF-KILTER VOTE? Scotland push to secede comes with dire warningsComments Off

OPINION: Scottish independence? It’s my heart vs. my headBad news for Scotch drinkers?Excitement, anxiety mount before Scotland votes on independenceVIDEO: Polls too close to call for Scottish independence VIDEO: ‘NCIS’ star weighs in on Scottish refer…

SHAKESPEAREAN SLUR? Biden sorry for making ‘Shylocks’ commentComments Off

VIDEO: Biden being ignored as 2016 candidate? VIDEO: Biden ‘slur’ offends Jewish group

REIGN UNDER FIRE Miss America criticized for Planned Parenthood pastComments Off

VIDEO: Miss America’s advice to Ray and Janay Rice Miss America defends red cup talentMiss Nebraska accidentally flashes cameras

No US ‘combat role’ in Iraq, but …Comments Off

THE WHITE HOUSE acknowledges that President Obama would consider putting US troops in ‘forward-deployed positions’ to advise Iraqi forces in the fight against the Islamic State — even while insisting US troops would not be sent back into a ‘combat role’ in Iraq.

  • Law enforcement bulletin warned of ISIS urging jihad attacks on US soil | House votes to arm, train rebels
  • Officials: Homegrown attacks top worry | NY man accused of trying to recruit, aid ISIS
  • Iraqi Christians, Yazidis still facing harsh conditions | Afghanistan asks Washington for $537M bailout
  • Dempsey: Half of Iraqi army incapable of working with US against ISIS
  • KURTZ: Media challenges Obama | ISIS warns US against deployment | ISIS followers urged to attack NYC
  • VIDEOS: Who are America’s allies in the ISIS fight? | Kerry lectures Code Pink
  • VIDEOS: Did US wait too long to fight? | Does it matter if we call it a ‘war’?
  • VIDEOS: US Central Command briefs Obama | Sen. Corker: Free Syrian Army cannot take on ISIS
  • FOX NEWS POLLS Dem drop-out tightens Kansas Senate raceComments Off

    Read the Iowa results Read the Kansas resultsRead the Louisiana resultsRead the North Carolina resultsVIDEO: Democrats closing the gap on Republicans in midterm races?

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