Report: EPA estimates on drilling pollution unreliable

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WILLIE HORTON II? Dems claim ‘race-baiting’ over ad on black murdererComments Off

Will Dems show up? Polls point to GOP turnout advantageObama talks, audience walksFOX NEWS FIRST: Dem turnout effort can’t turn tideDCCC raises $17M in September, spends $37MVIDEO: Party chairs square off in joint interview Full Coverage: 2014 Midterm …

RIGHTS FIGHT: Ministers facing arrest for saying ‘no’ to same-sex marriagesComments Off

TODD STARNES: Idaho ministers Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who own a wedding chapel, are facing jail and a fine for refusing to perform same-sex marriages, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court. VIDEO: Ministers told to perform same-s…

MAJOR BREAK IN CASE Remains found in search for missing UVA studentComments Off

VIDEO: Remains found in search for missing student Hannah Graham FLASHBACK: Suspect in Graham case accused of sex assaultsMan in custody after bodies of 4 women found in Indiana

GRUESOME DISCOVERY 7 bodies found in Indiana linked to serial killerComments Off

VIDEO: Gary mayor updates media on case Police comb area where remains were found in search for clues in Hannah Graham caseWoman held captive for decade says she forgives kidnapperKiller of country comic ‘Stringbean’ and wife paroled after 40 years in …

MONSTER CREEP-OUT Puppy-sized spider shocks scientist in rainforestComments Off

Town overrun by dangerous spiders Giant, extinct Kangaroos probably didn’t hop VIDEO: Sea lion tosses fisherman after being set free from net Jumbo squid attacks submarineVIDEO: Amazing great white shark shot goes viral

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