Report: EPA estimates on drilling pollution unreliable

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RAT-STRONAUTS? NASA wants to put rodents on space stationComments Off

Russia reignites its rocket industry with new Angara boosterVIDEO: NASA asks for help tracking locations in ISS photos VIDEO: Russian cosmonauts on ISS prepare for space walk

‘I NEEDED TO GO’ West Point grad, US Army vet killed fighting for UkraineComments Off

Russian aid convoy drives into UkraineFierce battles in eastern Ukraine leave at least 5 government troops dead

Hagel defends disclosure of secret, failed raid to free US hostages in SyriaComments Off

DEFENSE SECRETARY Chuck Hagel defends the decision to acknowledge a failed mission to rescue American journalist James Foley, right, and others held in Syria earlier this year, amid criticism over the disclosure.ISIS’ thirst for oil could lead to ‘glob…

‘THIRD TIME’S A CHARM’ Ryan says he’d love to see Romney run in 2016Comments Off

VIDEO: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on ISIS threat

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