Senior Al Qaeda leader reportedly killed by US drone

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HUNT FOR A KILLER Accent clues could lead to Foley’s ISIS murdererComments Off

JINDAL: Victory is not inevitableWill: General Dempsey foreshadowing ‘third Iraq war’?Kurdish gun bazaars, where an AK-47 costs $700 unless you’re ArabWhite House under pressure to expand fight against ISIS to Syria

FOOD STAMP ABUSE Money for state fraud enforcement slashedComments Off

VIDEO: States pushing work requirement for food stamp recipients

‘POOR TASTE’ Reid sorry for remarks at Asian conferenceComments Off

Outside-the-box campaign in Calif.Brown closes gap with Democrat

Another ISIS ‘massacre’ in the making?Comments Off

MILITANTS SURROUND NORTHERN Iraq town Amerli, which is under siege and being compared to recent crisis on Mount Sinjar, where US intervention was needed to allow those trapped to escape ISIS militants, like those in photo.Bombings kill 30 in Iraq after…

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