THE COST OF SPENDING:Gov’t Racking Up Huge Tab As Fiscal Crisis Looms

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EPA POWER GRAB? Rep claims maps prove secret private property plotComments Off

Obama reportedly plotting end-run around Congress on climate changeFOX NEWS FIRST: Obama to unveil ‘treaty’ on global warmingVIDEO: How will Obama’s plan go over with Congress? JOHN STOSSEL: If the only EPA stood for ‘Enough Protection Already’

‘A LOSS FOR EVERYBODY’ Dad acquitted in shooting of driver who killed sonsComments Off

VIDEO: Trial opens for daycare worker accused of abduction, rape

Report: ISIS crisis 4 years in the makingComments Off

A NEW REPORT from the West Point counterterrorism center challenges the notion that the Islamic State group only recently became a major terror threat, as a source tells Fox News top Obama aides think threat from the group will outlast Obama’s time in …

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