Don’t release the hounds: Raft of unusual state laws to take effect 2013

If you want to stay out of trouble in California, don’t let your dog chase a bear. And don’t get caught releasing feral hogs in Kentucky. New laws prohibiting both of those activities are among the dozens of regulations and changes taking effect in 2013. The new laws cover everything from prohibiting law enforcement officers from having sex with inmates on their way to prison to revising the term “motor vehicle” to exclude swamp buggies.

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House, Senate talks over VA fix in chaos as recess loomsComments Off

A massive and costly package meant to address the litany of problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs was getting caught in the congressional grinder Thursday, as House and Senate lawmakers clashed over how to iron out differences in their competi…

US official: Number of foreign fighters in Syria spikesComments Off

Matthew Olsen, the outgoing director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said Friday there are 12,000 foreign fighters in Syria – a significant jump from previous estimates, indicating a “greater and more complex” threat than in recent years.

GOP lawmakers fight plan to bring more illegal immigrant children to military basesComments Off

Republican lawmakers are challenging the Obama administration over a newly announced plan to expand the use of U.S. military bases to house illegal immigrant children, warning that it will put a strain on troops and threaten military readiness.

Florida pol reportedly pushing plan to require students to watch D’Souza filmComments Off

A Florida lawmaker reportedly plans to propose a bill requiring local schools to show students the newly released documentary from conservative filmmaker and Obama critic Dinesh D’Souza.

Fight heats up over EPA sabotage of Alaska gold mineComments Off

The Environmental Protection Agency is under fire for a preemptive strike against a massive copper and gold mine in Alaska, where hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of jobs are at stake.

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