Hagel omitted two speeches on Middle East from Senate disclosure forms

In the supporting documents he turned over to Senate investigators as part of his confirmation process, Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel did not disclose at least two recent speeches on the subject of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Fox News has learned.

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Where’s the media outrage? Democratic senator’s daughter uses maneuver to avoid US corporate taxesComments Off

I’ve always been fascinated by how politicians change their view when a family member is involved.

Cruz charges flight ban tantamount to economic boycott of IsraelComments Off

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz charged Wednesday that the Obama administration’s decision to temporarily suspend flights to Israel was tantamount to an economic boycott of Washington’s closest Middle East ally.

DNC chairwoman gets her facts wrong about Nevada ObamaCare exchange in interviewComments Off

‘Whoever briefed you on that is wrong’

These costly government regulations could hit right after the electionComments Off

A Republican group is suggesting that President Obama’s administration is purposely delaying the implementation of controversial government regulations until after the midterm elections.

Democratic senator cites PTSD in apparent thesis plagiarismComments Off

A Montana senator who is running for re-election suggested Wednesday that medication he took for post-traumatic stress disorder after service in Iraq may have been responsible for apparently plagiarized passages in his thesis.

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