McCain, Graham keep heat on Rice, but appear to soften attacks

Senate Republican leaders returned Sunday to demanding answers from U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice about her public explanation on the fatal Libya attacks – but now appear to be mounting a less head-on attack.

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Hot Louisiana race could send battle for control of US Senate into overtimeComments Off

They like their gumbo and their politics spicy in Louisiana, and this year’s U.S. Senate race may be the hottest in years.

GOP rep rips Dem challenger for using ads showing him before weight lossComments Off

New York GOP Rep. Tom Reed says the Democrat trying to unseat him in November is playing dirty politics by running attack ads that show him before he lost 110 pounds.

Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell takes stand in public corruption trialComments Off

McDonnell began his much-anticipated testimony in his own defense Wednesday. 

Supreme Court blocks same-sex unions in VirginiaComments Off

The Supreme Court is delaying the start of same-sex marriage in Virginia.

Ferguson shooting: Darren Wilson, cop who shot Michael Brown, stays underground amid protestsComments Off

A police officer whose shooting death of an unarmed 18-year-old ignited racial upheaval in a St. Louis suburb has been characterized as either an aggressor whose deadly gunfire constituted a daylight execution or a law enforcer wrongly maligned for jus…

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