Norman Schwarzkopf: 1934 – 2012

When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1991 to punish it for allegedly stealing Iraqi oil reserves, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf commanded Operation Desert Storm, the coalition of some 30 countries organized by President George H.W. Bush that succeeded in driving the Iraqis out.

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Christian broadcaster Dobson wins temporary ObamaCare mandate injunctionComments Off

A federal judge in Denver issued the injunction Thursday.

Krauthammer: ObamaCare is ‘working in that it exists’Comments Off

Krauthammer’s comments came after President Obama addressed reporters in the White House briefing room late Thursday, hailing new numbers from ObamaCare signups and declaring “this thing is working.”

Sen. Reid calls supporters of Nevada rancher Bundy ‘domestic terrorists’Comments Off

The Las Vegas Journal-Review reported Thursday that Reid, D-Nev., made the comments at an event hosted by the paper called “Hashtags & Headlines.”

Fox News Poll: Voters say Obama covering up on Benghazi, want Congress to keep investigatingComments Off

Most voters think the White House is trying to cover-up what happened in Benghazi and want Congress to continue to investigate the administration’s handling of the attack on the U.S. consulate there that killed four Americans. 

Fox News Poll: 49 percent think White House had IRS target conservativesComments Off

Nearly half of American voters think the IRS targeted conservative groups at the request of the White House, and most want Congress to keep investigating the matter.

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