Pentagon push to extend benefits to same-sex couples stirs debate

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has directed Pentagon personnel to immediately begin efforts to extend certain benefits to same-sex domestic partners of military members. But the move has sparked a heated debate, with critics arguing the policy gives special treatment to one class and winds up discriminating against others.

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US special forces tried to rescue hostages in Syria but failed, officials sayComments Off

Senior Obama administration officials say the U.S. military launched a secret mission earlier this summer to rescue a number of Americans held captive by militants in Syria but failed to find them.

Fast and Furious documents must be provided to Congress, judge rulesComments Off

A federal judge has ordered the Justice Department to provide Congress with a list of documents that are at the center of a long-running battle over a failed law enforcement program called Operation Fast and Furious.

Hot Louisiana race could send battle for control of US Senate into overtimeComments Off

They like their gumbo and their politics spicy in Louisiana, and this year’s U.S. Senate race may be the hottest in years.

GOP rep rips Dem challenger for using ads showing him before weight lossComments Off

New York GOP Rep. Tom Reed says the Democrat trying to unseat him in November is playing dirty politics by running attack ads that show him before he lost 110 pounds.

Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell takes stand in public corruption trialComments Off

McDonnell began his much-anticipated testimony in his own defense Wednesday. 

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