Tennessee bill would require schools to report gay activity to parents

Under the measure sponsored by Sen. Stacey Campfield of Knoxville, a school counselor, nurse or principal can inform parents if their children's "circumstances present immediate and urgent safety issues involving human sexuality."

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Operation Ground Game: Parties drive to get out the vote in final stretchComments Off

Two weeks before Election Day, it’s all about the ground game now.

Ebola ‘czar’ to skip House hearing, aide saysComments Off

Ron Klain, appointed last Friday by President Obama to direct the nation’s response to the Ebola crisis, sent his regrets Monday to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which had invited him to testify this Friday, a committee aide told…

Snoop Dogg endorses Colorado Governor candidateComments Off

Rapper and marijuana aficionado Snoop Dogg is proving that politics makes strange bedfellows, endorsing an unaffiliated (but libertarian-leading) dark horse candidate for governor of Colorado.

Obama reportedly wants to cut Congress out of Iran dealComments Off

The Obama administration reportedly wants to cut Congress out of any nuclear deal with Iran – at least for the short-term — fearing they would lose if any measure to lift sanctions came to a vote.

Dem candidate Nunn uses HW Bush image in campaign ad — despite being warnedComments Off

Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn once again has used former President George H.W. Bush’s image to push her own Senate bid, despite repeatedly being asked by the 41st president not to do that.

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