Luther Family Ford Salute to Law Enforcement

Recent events have reminded us how important our friends in law enforcement are to our community. Luther Family Ford and AM 1100 The Flag WZFG are proud to recognize those officers and honor them for their service to our community. Each month, one officer from the Fargo-Moorhead area will be recognized on air on the Need to Know Morning show on WZFG. Check below for our current and previous honorees.

Officer Gary Bommersbach

West Fargo Police Department

November, 2016
Officer Gary Bommersbach started with the West Fargo Police Department in 1984 as a patrol officer. Officer Bommersbach has had many positions in the West Fargo Police Department to include Investigations, Field Training Officer, and Patrol Sergeant. Officer Bommersbach’ s current assignment is Truck Regulatory Officer, where he is continuing his long and successful career.

Deputy Lance Kitzan

Cass County Sheriff's Office

October, 2016
Deputy Lance Kitzan has served with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office since December of 2009 where he began his career as a full time Correctional Officer in the Corrections Division. In October of 2010 Deputy Kitzan completed the Field Readiness Training program and began working as a part time Patrol Deputy in the Patrol Unit of the Field Services Division and continued working as a part time Correction Officer in the Corrections Division. In September of 2011 Deputy Kitzan was selected to become a member of the Motorcycle Patrol Unit and in December of 2011 he was selected to become a member of the Airboat Rescue Unit. Deputy Kitzan was promoted for a full time position to the rank of Patrol Deputy in the Patrol Unit of the Field Services Division in January of 2012. In June of 2012 Deputy Kitzan was selected to become a member of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard. Deputy Kitzan was selected as a Field Training Officer in the Patrol Unit of the Field Services Division in January of 2015. In 2015 Deputy Kitzan was selected as the 2015 Deputy of the Year.

Special Agent James Shaw

ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation

September, 2016
James Shaw is a Special Agent for the State of North Dakota and is a licensed peace officer employed by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Office of North Dakota Attorney General, currently assigned to the Fargo, North Dakota, field office as a cyber crime investigator. S/A Shaw has been employed by the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office for 8 years and has been employed as a law enforcement officer for 22 years. S/A Shaw grew up in St. Paul, MN and attended NDSU after graduating high school. S/A Shaw was a member of the North Dakota Air National Guard and was employed by the Casselton Police Department and Fargo Police Department prior to working for the North Dakota BCI. SA Shaw is a member of the North Dakota Internet Crimes Against Children and is a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner and Certified Mobile Device Examiner.

Special Agent Michael Arel

Homeland Security

September, 2016
I am a North Dakota native, and a graduate of the University of North Dakota in 1996. I started my career in federal law enforcement in 1997 with the United States Secret Service. I spend almost four years with the USSS in both Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, NV. In 2001 I transferred from the USSS to the U.S. Customs Service (which would later become the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI). I have been in the HSI office in Grand Forks since 2001, investigating a wide range of criminal activity, including child exploitation, financial crimes, narcotics smuggling, immigration violations, and the exportation of sensitive technology. In recent years, the focus of most of my investigations has been in the area of child exploitation, working as a member of the North Dakota Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. I am married and have 3 wonderful children, ages 17, 16, and 12.

Special Agent Jesse Smith

ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation

September, 2016
Special Agent Jesse Smith started his career as Deputy with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office in Devils Lake, ND in 2005. During his five year tenure as a deputy, he joined the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force in 2008 and remained with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office and ICAC until 2010. In 2010 SA Smith was hired by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and assigned to the Cyber Crime Unit. Since being hired by the ND BCI, he has become a certified computer forensic examiner by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists and by Access Data. He has also been certified in phone forensics by Cellebrite. He continues to be a member ICAC task force and continues his efforts to investigate these crimes.

Detective Jason Skalicky

Fargo Police Department

September, 2016
I have been employed at the Fargo Police Department for almost 14 years. I served as a Patrol Officer from February 2003 till January 2011. I was then selected to the Criminal Investigations Unit where I served as a Property Crimes Detective, a Financial Crimes Detective and for the past 2 years have investigated Crimes against Children. I have worked several high profile cases to include robberies as well as violent assaults against adults and children. I find working crimes against children very challenging but very rewarding.

Detective Sergeant Leroy Gross

Jamestown Police Department

August, 2016
Detective Sergeant Leroy Gross has been with the Jamestown Police Department since October of 1989. Det. Gross worked uniformed patrol from 1989 to 1994 when he was appointed to the Stutsman County Narcotics Task Force. In 1998 he was transferred to the Detective Division of the Jamestown Police Department. He rose through the ranks and is our second most experienced active detective. Detective Gross has specialized training in fraud and financial crimes, dangerous drugs, fire investigation, SWAT, computer crimes and crimes against children, crimes against the elderly, and human trafficking. He has a passion for, and dedicates time to teaching citizens how to detect and prevent being the victim of scams. Recently Det. Gross worked a case that started as a simple warrant arrest. That arrest lead him to question a relationship between the suspect and her boyfriend. After winning the trust of the warrant suspect and some further investigation, it turned out this was a human trafficking case. Ultimately the warrant was cleared. However, instead of taking the warrant suspect to jail, Det. Gross was able to separate the suspect-turned-victim, from her a human trafficking situation.

Investigator Kathy Nguyen

Becker County Sheriff's Office

August, 2016
Investigator Kathy Nguyen is a 20 year veteran of the Becker County Sheriff’s Office. She started her career as a Corrections Officer at the Becker County Jail in 1996. After nearly 3 years working in the jail, in 1999, Nguyen was hired as a Deputy Sheriff. Along with being a Patrol Deputy, she served as the department’s Crime Prevention Officer and Use of Force Instructor. In 2004, Nguyen was promoted to Investigator and has worked many high profile cases over the years. Investigator Nguyen has a passion for working with children and Senior Citizens and has recently become involved with the county’s TRIAD program (partnership of Law Enforcement, Senior Citizens, and community groups) as a coordinator. She continues to be involved with Crime Prevention projects including being active with the Sheriff’s Office information booth each year at the Becker County Fair. As described by a Sergeant, “She has an "I can" and "I will" attitude. Kathy handles each call with professionalism and dignity no matter how small or big the call is.” Investigator Nguyen is dedicated to serving the citizens of Becker County and we are happy to show our appreciation for her hard work.

Officer Craig Cory

Wahpeton Police Department

June, 2016
Officer Craig Cory, who currently serves as the Wahpeton Police Department’s representative on the Southeast Multi-County Agency (SEMCA), is in his 12th year of service with the Wahpeton Police Department. Prior to coming to Wahpeton, Officer Cory also served as an officer for the Bowman, ND Police Department for two years. Since joining the Wahpeton Police Department, Officer Corey has received specialized training and has served as a Field Training Officer (FTO), Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), is a Certified Police Instructor and is also a member of the Southern Valley Special Response Team (SRT) and the Richland County Water Rescue Team. Officer Cory is being recognized for his performance during an incident on May 6th of this year during which he, as part of the Richland County Water Rescue Team, responded to a report of a missing male subject in the Red River adjacent to Chahinkapa Park in Wahpeton. While serving as a Rescue Diver, Officer Cory conducted an extensive “touch-only” search for the missing victim in the cold, swift, zero-visibility water and was eventually able to locate the victim and bring him to the surface for retrieval by other emergency personnel. Althou8gh the victim could not be resuscitated in this incident, Officer Cory’s effort to affect his speedy recovery is praiseworthy for a variety of reasons, most particularly because of the generally overlooked difficulty and danger involved with a search conducted by a diver in the type of river conditions existing at the time of this incident.

Officer Scott Steer

Hawley Police Department

May, 2016
Officer Steer started his career in Law Enforcement in 1996. Officer Steer worked for Hawley Police Department in 2004 and rejoined the Department in 2009. Officer Steer has served the department as Interim Chief of Police on two occasions and has trained and helped two Police Chiefs become acquainted with Hawley and the Department. Officer Steer has shown a very strong commitment to the City of Hawley and its Police Department. Officer Steer is the Department’s Senior Officer and is a Training Officer. Officer Steer has received the Department’s Medal of Honor and the Department’s Life Saving Award. Officer Steer also received the Clay County Sheriff’s Department’s Commendable Service Award in 2012 for his actions at an accident south of Hawley where a vehicle went off the road and broke through ice trapping a passenger inside the submerged vehicle. Officer Steer entered the water in freezing weather and was able to get the passenger out of the vehicle and up to shore where others began CPR.


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